In accordance with Executive Order 20-72, NWFOMS is only available for urgent / emergent surgeries and at this time, we will continue to be open everyday in order to treat emergency patients. 
We continue to screen all patients before they come to the office and will only see patients if they fall into the above category.  We do not let patients in the office until they have been triaged via phone or virtually first.  For patients with lower risk of COVID-19, we take temps at the door and provide necessary care. We then have the patient rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide, sanitize hands at the door, examine, and treat appropriately.  We will then escort the patient to the parking area and sanitize behind them before the next patient enters.  
Like everyone, we will be experiencing a shortage of PPE which may limit our already limited capabilities.   The ER’s at our hospitals rely on oral and maxillofacial surgeons to continue to treat emergent patients in our office-based practice to minimize the exposure risk to the public and to help ease the burden on already overtaxed emergency rooms. If there is any suspicion/ risk of COVID-19, (requiring treatment in a negative pressure environment, with full coverage) we will not be able to see the patient in the office and will direct them appropriately with inpatient capability.  OMSs have always practiced at the highest level when it comes to safety, and we will continue to do so.  We will be safe and We will get through this together!